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Elizabeth McGee, President W.F.M

Leading with Precision & Fortitude

Elizabeth McGee, President of Workforce Management’s compassionate and empowering leadership, mentoring, and customized coaching partnered with her experience, cultivates a fun, diverse, and engaging team inspired to build their measure of success. Elizabeth has shared how important each client is to the company, and the team showers the clients with individualized attention, so they each feel like our only customers. Elizabeth’s great sense of humor creates a fun work environment for the internal team as well as the customers.

The pioneering leader recently created a small team dedicated to targeting fellow female-owned businesses to align and support collective empowerment. Elizabeth prides herself on doing business the way she would want business done with Workforce Management by supporting fellow women entrepreneurs. “I love partnering with any business that supports women rising. I inspire and empower each team member by leading by example, coaching on the spot, and mentoring where accountability is open on both sides,” explains Elizabeth. “Mistakes are made, we are human. I coach my team using mistakes as examples for them to see how they can grow inside the business and personally for their own hopes, dreams, and goals applying empowering tools.”

Elizabeth has made it her mission to encourage the team to answer the questions they present to her before answering them. It is her goal to guide them into following and trusting their instincts. “There is a solution to every challenge—is the mantra that I share with the team. If you think of our business as building solutions, it becomes easier. Every member of my team comes with their own list of talents, and the way they think, they may come up with a unique solution,” she adds. “It is my gift to allow the team to come up with a solution which builds their confidence in making the next decision.”

Success found Elizabeth early when the company’s first-year business plan goal was achieved in 2 months, the second-year goal in 4 months, and the third-year goal in 8 months. Taking the leap of faith in herself, buying out from her former business partner, becoming a solo entrepreneur, and opening her second office has taken Elizabeth’s definition of success to another level. “The desire to find work people love and easing the burden off company staffing needs or shortages is a success we find every day,” she says. “My advice to everyone is to be persistent, believe in yourself yet hold yourself accountable, and follow your passion with an open heart. It is okay to let your guard down and show your vulnerability. Strength and bravery can be shown through being vulnerable. Your team needs to see this aspect of the leader’s personality.”

An avid traveler, Elizabeth gains immense experience from the various destinations she visits, trying to connect with each place and understanding the foundation of how the area came into existence. She imparts her experiences in the way she leads the company. She keeps raising the bar of goals to achieve with each passing day, setting up a new challenge for herself to succeed. “All my employees are like an extension of my family, and I couldn’t do my job without their unique skills and passion for the industry,” she says.

Elizabeth founded Workforce Management with a commitment to a sense of urgency that is unsurpassed, and she finds delivering world-class service a natural extension of herself. Elizabeth feels accountable when a business trusts her to handle each and every open position. She understands, with each placement, how she is impacting a client’s business and has a vested interest in them to achieve their goals for a prosperous future. “Biggest achievements for the company have been buying my former business partner out, becoming an 8(a) certified woman-owned business (the hardest woman-owned certification to obtain), opening a second office in Florida, and building two amazing teams morphing to the needs of the staffing industry and fluctuating client demands,” she asserts. “My goals for the future are working toward our Florida office thriving as much as our Colorado location, possibly opening a third office next year, and having 200 billable employees for each office. With our customers becoming a part of mergers and acquisitions, this is positioning us for more opportunities to add more locations. We will now be able to bid on government contracts, which will catapult the business’s growth exponentially.”

Workforce Management is an employment agency aimed at helping people find their next career. The Colorado office serves everything west of the Mississippi and Florida handles everything east plus local positions within a 100-mile radius around each office.


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