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Mac McGee scholarship winner Daniel Romero
Mac McGee scholarship winner Daniel Romero with balloons
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Mac McGee Scholarship​

Workforce Management found our first recipient of the Mac McGee scholarship named after my amazing father. Daniel Romero has accepted all assignments from WFM. His performance has always been exceptional, and Daniel brings a great attitude and smile wherever he travels.

With immense pride on behalf of WFM and the McGee family, it was my honor to offer this scholarship to such a deserving individual. Daniel is so humble; he did not want to accept this accolade. It took reaching out to the school where Daniel is pursuing an automotive career to pay on his educational debt. Mac himself would have approved of our selection.

We are excited to see where life takes Daniel. We know that he was very appreciative of the extra help we extended to him.

Workforce Management

Book Drive

Workforce Management is actively engaged in a meaningful endeavor aimed at enriching the lives of children. Our commitment to this noble cause takes shape through our book drive initiative. Within our organization, we wholeheartedly champion the act of reading with children, recognizing its profound impact on their development, and the bond that it creates with their loved ones.

We cordially extend an invitation to those who share our vision to contribute to this worthy cause. We are graciously accepting donations of gently used or new books, which will be thoughtfully distributed to our dedicated workforce members who have children, ensuring that the holiday season is a time of literary delight for their them.  Any surplus books will find their purpose in local programs and shelters, where the need for such resources is acutely felt.

We welcome you to visit your nearest Workforce Management office during our operational hours, which span from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. As you deliver your generous donation, we invite you to engage with our dedicated team members. It is our pleasure and privilege to express our gratitude in person, as we extend our hand in sincere appreciation.  If you are not available to swing by our office and would still like to donate, feel free to mail your donation.

This endeavor provides a unique opportunity for us to forge deeper connections within our local community. Your participation in this meaningful cause not only enriches the lives of children but also fosters a sense of unity and purpose in our shared mission.

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Mission Statement

Workforce Management’s mission statement is to operate with accountability, passion, and care about our clients professional aspirations and employees personal success. It is our commitment to work for you with honesty, intensity, and integrity.

Who We Are

Accountability, Passion, and Care

If you would like to connect with our staff to learn more about how we can help you in your job search, please contact us to find out more, fill out an application, or set up an appointment to discuss your career search.

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